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Hello, it's me.Vivian!

Vivian has never been at Hotel Village Balatura. Nevertheless she became an integral part of it. That happened because of our connection to her parents Helena Mencer & Steven Slot. On this page you can read her story and what impact she still has in the world and thankfully now at Hotel Balatura. When you come to our place and find Vivian's pine tree, you have the opportunity to do something special. You can sit with her and follow her invitation to view the world with the eyes of a three-year-old girl. Just watch what this little shift in perspective does to you. It's short moments like these that connect us back to our own inner children and to the idea of everlasting playfulness and potentiality. Every single Vivian-tree on this earth offers this moment to anyone who is open enough to let her in. We are happy and proud to have her here.


Vivian's story

Vivian Slot is a girl who tragically lost her life in tsunami on 26 December 2004 in Krabi,
Thailand. She was only 3 years old.

Her parents keep her memory in many ways: Vivian Slot Scholarship Foundation provided
scholarship for medical student in Thailand on various universities

Planting of trees around the world is another way of remembering Vivian:
A Frangipani tree In Singapore in front of The Hollandse School. Vivian was born in
Singapore and she attended Jip en Janneke Peuterschool

Planted in 2005
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The same tree in 2018:
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A Frangipani tree in Hong Kong behind The Hong Lock Yuen International School where
Vivian went to school.

Planted in 2006
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Two Pear trees in The Netherlands, Ulvenhout, where the family lives.

Planted on 8 November 2021, when Vivian would become 20 years old.

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Helena Mencer & Steven Slot
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Isabella, Vivian tree, Matthijs and Bastiaan
Vivian's arrival at Balatura's
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