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Balatura Consulting

Make Your Mediterranean Hide-away Come True

The purchase of an old stone house can be very challenging. Every house requires special attention and has to be treated carefully. It starts with the communication in the cadastral office and other communal institutions, leads to the search for an architect, construction workers, and anyone who will take part in the adventure. This can be difficult, especially for foreigners, as they have to deal with communicational problems and might not be on site throughout the year.

So, before you even start, the best thing you can do, is to plan thoughtfully and ask someone who experienced the whole procedure many times...


Let Me Help You

What I am offering:

  • Consulting before your purchase of a house (How long will the reconstruction take? Is it even possible? What are the expected costs? What difficulties can be seen in the substance of the building?)

  • Administrational advice for the legalization of your purchase

  • Consulting for the constructing plan

  • Advice when facing specific constructional problems 

  • Conservational advice - finding autochthonous and authentic solutions

  • Consulting for sustainable building solutions


Turn Your Mystical Ruin into a Magic Home

About Gordan Godec

I am originally a journalist and a film maker of documentaries. I travelled the world when shooting these TV projects. They turned out to be very specific adventures each time. 


But for more than 20 years, it's my passion to rebuild old houses. In the Vinodol valley I reconstructed 8 houses from scratch. Without knowing I made the houses to the main protagonist, just like in my films, engaging in bringing back the (lost) beauty and make them shine for everyone to see.

Every house was a great experience, sometimes even a hell of a ride. Each time I learned a lot. I had to find solutions for any appearing obstacle - but that's exactly what I loved about it.

I am familiar with every part of the process, from administrational steps to the actual renovation. I had to dive deep into the building traditions of this region and I learned that our ancestors had good reasons for their constructional decisions. 

And finally, I already made all the mistakes you would inevitably run into - and now I know how to avoid them.

Let me assist you on your way to your individual Mediterranean hide-away!


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