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Exciting Reading Events 2024

 Readings & Talk 2024:

13.07.24: Srećko Jurišić

Srećko Jurišić is a profesor for Italian Literature at the University of Split and a writer. He is especially knowledgable for the history of Italian literature and its traces in the Dalmatian literature. His novel  "Gajandra" is a satire, an epistolary novel, inspired by the the life of the physician, mathematician and writer Giulio Bajamonti (1744.1800). It's like a long, long monologue  about life, troubles and joy in Split and Dubrovnik at that time. And the well researched story fills some of the lesser known gaps in literature, as well. It's an astonishing book from a contemporary writer whose own inner dialogue seems to be as vivid, imaginative and exuberant as Bajamonti's, while his language is in no way inferior to the protagonist's.

10.08.24: Tisja Kljaković Braić

Tisja Kljaković Braić was born in Split where she graduated The School of Art & Design, as well as the Academy of Fine Arts. She is a painter, illustrator and the author of satiric drawings. She had many exhibitions in Croatia and abroad. In Croatia she is well-known to a broad audience for her books "Them", "Them 2" and "The Devil got into the Little One" (which meanwhile became a theatre-play).  She lives and works in Split.

16.08.24: Aleksandar Stanković

Aleksandar Stanković is a writer, poet and one of the  most well-known tv-presenters in the Croatian television. He is famous for his courageous and explicit interviews with people from the fields of politics, science, and art. In his own books he also has a strong (self-) inquisitive note when turning his observations and insights into short texts and poems. His latest book "Depra" talks about depression, this very special "state of mind", a book in which he shares his own experience with his personal dark night of the soul.

24.08.24: Zdravko Zima

Zdravko Zima is a publicist, journalist, writer and cultural commentator and works as a consultant for the Croatian Ministry of Culture. Born on the island of Krk, he finished his studies of sociology and jugoslavic studies in Zagreb. He wrote for all the important Croatian newspapers, especially for the Novi List in Rijeka, but lectured and published international magazines, such as "Cicero", "Most/ die Brücke" and "Lettre Internationale". Zima published twenty books and he is an amazing and witty conversational partner for any philosophical, artistic or social question!



14.04.24 - 19.04.2024: Pure harmonica training (harmonica school berlin); workshop with Marko Jovanović

20.04.2024 - 27.04.2024:  Listen - Practise - Play (harmonica school berlin &Jazzschule Berlin) workshop with Claus Rückbeil & Marko Jovanović

In this summer course, developed in collaboration with the Jazzschule Berlin, the harmonica meets different quiet acoustic instruments: violins, for example, or flutes, but brass players are also welcome, as long as they bring a mute. Participants learn to hear different scales and modes and to feel tensions between tones. Together they will practice different patterns and movements. The goal is to be able to improvise freely and fluidly with the tonal material. There are different technical levels for all scale exercises so that everyone can follow along at their own pace. The special attraction of this course: Because of the different instruments, small ensembles come together over the course of the week. These ensembles are a great chance to inspire each other … to listen, to practice and to play.

08.09.24 - 13.09.2024: Pure harmonica training (harmonica school berlin); workshop with Marko Jovanović

14.09.24 - 21.09.2024: Improvisation (harmonica school berlin); workshop with Marko Jovanović & Lutz Schlosser 

Guitarist Lutz Schlosser and harmonica virtuoso Marko Jovanović guide participants into the world of improvisation. What happens when two musicians come together in a musical dialogue? How can you use music theory without it getting in the way or making your music sound contrived? Lutz and Marko will help you find musical freedom in your playing.

21.09.24 - 28.09.2024: Playing the Blues (harmonica school berlin); workshop with Marko Jovanović & Stef Rosen 

In this week-long special course, Berlin blues guitarist Stef Rosen and harmonica virtuoso Marko Jovanović will show you how to musically approach the blues repertoire. Every song tells a story and they’ll show you how to find your sound and give the song the right atmosphere. Participants will learn to adapt their playing, use accompanying rhythms effectively, and how to interact with other musicians while keeping the character of the song alive.


13.04.2024 - 20.04.2024: Resilienz für deine Chakren mit Tanja Happacher

27.04.2024 - 04.05.2024: Vini-Yoga: Bewegen - Atmen - Meditieren mit Margit El Kholi

27.04.2024 - 04.05.2024: Reise zu Dir - Yoga-Urlaub in Kroatien mit Margitta Graf

04.05.2024 - 11.05.2024: Hatha - Yoga –Meditation und Leichtigkeit mit Daniela Carl

11.05.2024 - 18.05.2024: Herz-Yoga mit Lia Marr

18.05.2024 - 25.05.2024: Atem-Freuden mit Vini-Yoga mit Astrid Klinski

25.05.2024 - 01.06.2024: Mit Vini-Yoga entspannen und auftanken mit Regine Podszuweit

26.05.2024 - 30.05.2024: Mindful WYDA mit J.F. Kranner-Shedler

01.06.2024 - 08.06.2024: Katonah Yoga-Woche Kroatien mit Marleen Wernitzsch

08.06.2024 - 15.06.2024: Im Einklang mit mir selbst durch Qi Gong mit Nora Kögl

15.06.2023 - 22.06.2024: Seelenlichtyoga & Lichtklangreise mit Simran Kaur A. Gazda

22.06.2024 - 29.06.2024:: Luna Yoga - Freude in der Fülle mit Gyöngyi Hajdu

29.06.2024 - 06.07.2024Yin-und Yang-Yoga: Zum inneren Gleichgewicht finden mit Janina Kapitza

06.07.2024 - 13.07.2024Yoga - Meine Reise zum guten Gefühl mit Ulrike Rubasch

13.07.2024 - 20.07.2024: Sanfter Yoga & Meditation . Natur trifft Achtsamkeit mit Bea Wnklbauer

31.08.2024 - 07.09.2024: Re: treat yourself mit Yvonne Riethmüller & Carola

31.08.2024 - 07.09.2024: Dru-Yoga - Innere Stille, Stärke & Gelassenheit mit Edith Ewald

28.09.2024 - 05.10.2024: Fit in den Herbst mit Hatha & Kundalini-Yoga mit Christina Betdashtu-Drews

28.09.2024 - 05.10.2024: Katonah Yoga-Woche Kroatien mit Marleen Wernitzsch

05.10.2024 - 12.10.2024: Finde deine innere Mitte mit Michaela Schinkinger

05.10.2024 - 99.10.2024: Detox-Yoga-Tage in Kroatien mit Margitta Graf

12.10.2024 - 19.10.2024: Hatha-Yoga und Yin-Yoga: Aktiv sein und Loslassen mit Diana Becker

09.09.2023 - 16.09.2023: Yoga "Me time" mit Yvonne Riethmüller

Writing Biography/ Biografie schreiben:

15.06.2024 - 22.06.2024: Biografisches Schreiben mit Andreas Mäckler


03.07.2024 - 06.07.2024: Authentic leadership with Master Leader Akademija


20.10.2024 - 25.10.2024: Animal communication with Wild Horses

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