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A Great Literary, Art & Music Hotel

You will find our hotel far from the overcrowded tourist centres on the Adriatic coast, in the quiet, preserved valley of Vinodol, 6 km from the Adriatic Sea, surrounded by karst mountains and magnificent woods. The 300-year old family manor, a complex of several stone houses, was reconstructed and turned into a comfortable guesthouse. During the restoration, we paid special attention to respecting the details and particularities of this historical building, and regional distinctions.

We have  literary events throughout the year. Keep yourself informed on our event's page. 

Or visit one of our numerous music workshops or yoga retreats.

You can rent our affectionately furnished rooms during the whole year.

Additional events such as seminars, courses, wine tastings, and excursions to local tourist sites can turn your stay at our hotel into a diversified and interesting adventure.

Balatura people

Balatura people

Anne-Kathrin & Gordan Godec They are a cultural and organizational dream team and owners of Hotel Balatura. When they first thought of creating a hotel, Anne-Kathrin, a writer and literary translator, wanted to do "something with literature". Gordan, a documentarian and journalist, wanted to do "something with stone, construction and travellers". The result is "something like a hotel" - in other words: Hotel Balatura.

Balatura people

Nada Vidović has the title "Lordess of Balatura". She controls everything, does everything, knows everything... She is in every detail of our house! She'll find the thing you've lost, she'll bake the chocolate cake you desperately need. Be nice, she's important!

Tea Đukić

Whatever ingredients she uses, in the end her meals, or let's better say, her eatable art creations become pure gold. Tea is turning plants into bright shining gold. That's a wonderful alchemist way of cooking. just magic!

Ivanka Juričić

Ivanka Juričić grows all the plants we eat at Hotel Balatura. She has a fantastic garden, only a few kilometres from us, which fulfills all our needs. Her goats give us milk and cheese, her chicken eggs. And Ivanka shows us that working with nature makes a human being beautiful, relaxed and positive. In bad times we just wish to be one of her carrots or plants...

Elma Porčić

During the dinners Elma Porčić takes care of our guests. Her friendly, positive and shining energy will sweeten the joy of eating and drinking at our place. She incorporates the lightness of being. Just take a look at her!

Balatura People

Konstantin Haag (here with his old friend Matoš) is student at the Theatre Academy of Split. In his free time his main stage is the Hotel Balatura. As a waiter, guest animator, breakfast server and kichen cleaner. You'll never see a better actor in this role. Guaranteed!

Balatura people

Luka Godec is our photographer and video director. He is the chronist of our hotel and, yes, sometimes our waiter, barkeeper and cleaning man. In fact, he is our shooting star (in every sense of the word).

Balatura people

Matija Godec is the youngest and most charming waiter. He is very helpful, he will give you any information you need, entertain your children and even take care of little birds that fell out of the nest... Matija is Balatura's good soul!

Balatura people

Maksim Godec is not working in the hotel yet. But judging from his styling he soon will be ready to work and shine like the biggest star!

Balatura people

Alan Razzak is opera & jazz singer and voice training teacher at Hotel Balatura. Alan taught us that the voice is the most immediate connection to our souls and to the world. Connecting everyone with himself, with the stone of the house and the nature around us is Alan's profession. His voice gives wings to anyone at Balatura's...

Balatura people

Marko Jovanović is the music director of Hotel Balatura. He fills our house with his pupils and thrills our audiance with his music. His incredible harp sound fills every corner of Balatura. That's one of the reasons everyone feels so great here...

balatura people

Kristina Juričić and Nikolas Haag Many years these two had a great impact on Hotel Balatura. They moved away, but they are always in our hearts. <3

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