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...or gift a meaningful conversation to a friend...

Is there anything better to have than a meaningful, profound conversation with someone you really value?

Everyone knows these wonderful evenings with friends or inspiring people when we talk about subjects we are actually interested in? These let's get-real-talks, these far-beyond-small-talk-conversations?

These profound moments when we get into existential themes that have an important impact on our lives? When we talk about where this life goes, where the planet goes, why we are here or what to do next?

What if you could talk to someone whose books you read?

What if you could actually speak to someone who inspires you with music, writing, art or youtube-videos. 

What if you could ask a question that is meaningful to YOU?

So, here is the offer: 

Buy a 90 minute-Zoom-conversation with a special host and nine other interested guests. 

You just bring your drink, make yourself comfortable and engage at this exceptional round-table talk.

Book a meaningful conversation

and be one of ten to sit down with these hosts:

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